How we work

At Alasdair Cameron Design, our main aim is that you should enjoy your garden and spending time in it.

We believe that gardens are like recipes.  Each garden requires different ingredients and different quantities of those ingredients depending on where your passions and interests lie, to create a delicious whole. 

Your garden is an extension of your home and the bridge by which to connect it to the surrounding vista, whether country, coastal, town or city.  We aim to ensure that your outside space comes alive.  Our designs provide focal points from the house, these may be borrowed from the wider landscape, and often reflect the architecture of the house. 

By marrying tried and tested landscape design methods and dynamic foresight we aim to provide you with a stunning area that works with the practicalities of your life.  In addition, we listen to what you want and look at ways of making them work with the natural surroundings, we do not look to impose our ideas on you.

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 What can I say, simply stunning, so pleased with the results. Our working relationship from start to finish was great and so professional